Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Price Guide 2017

 Echoluxe Electronics Price Guide 2017

1. Full Set Up:  neck/bridge/action adjustments, intonation, restring/stretch/tune.  Std $55 labor + strings.  For most instruments. Add $10 for twelve string, mandolin, or floating tremolo. Add $20 for Rickenbacker twelve string, most banjos, or resonator instruments.

2. Restring:  electric/acoustic/classical $20 labor + strings.  For most instruments. Add $10 for twelve string, mandolin, or floating tremolo.

3. Nut replacement/custom cut $65 labor + parts.  +Cost of material/blank ($5-10).  Twelve string nut: $125.  Mandolin nut: $110

4. Custom acoustic bone saddle: $65 Setup and compensated for proper intonation (no additional charge) +parts

5. Tuner replacement/quick set up $55 labor + parts.  (Twelve string $65). 6. Pickups:  electric install $45/55 +routing extra, acoustic $65.
6. Jack replacement/upgrade $18 + parts
7. Misc. electronic mods from $45+.
8. Strap button $5.
9. Broken neck/body re-glue (without refinishing) $65. inquire for finish.


  Vintage Tube Amp Restoration

1. Complete Once Over/Servicing of pots, jacks, tube pins-sockets, ribbon-pin connectors, effects loop, switches, test and confirm high voltages, rebias, clock output wattage $80 ($60 solid state).

2. Retube/ReBias without mods $40 labor + tubes, $55 with bias pot install/modification.  Will combine with #1 at no charge.
3. Electrolytic Cap Job  from $75-$150-$200 pending size of amp (ex. Champ to Bassman to Twin)
4. Plate/Grid Resistor Updates $75 reduce random snap/crackle/ pop/fizz. Advised during cap job for rate discount (Cap job+resistor updates=less $).
5. Upgrade to ceramic tube sockets from $25 per.
6. Marshall to Plexi/Silver to Blackface MODS $80-100.  Combine this with others for reduced rate. Highly recommended.
7.  Misc: replace broken pots, jacks, speakers, etc. $40-50.
8. Tolex/tweed, grill cloth, piping, handles, logos, faceplates, custom mods and de-mods.  Inquire ahead.

$35 diagnostic/Minimum Bench Fee

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